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Borderguru is a Shopify app powered by Hermes. Europe's largest private B2C shipping company. Hermes is owned by the otto group, known for owning some of the largest online marketplaces in Europe.

We eliminate the barriers between your international customers and you, with a portfolio of services focused on turning the international purchasing experience into a domestic one.

  • Taxes and Duties calculation.

  • Low-cost International express shipping.

  • Currency conversion.

  • Website translation.

  • Website design.

  • Multi-country pricing.

  • Access to more than 30 international online marketplaces.

  • No commissions, set up fees, or out-going fees. 

Hermes has helped fashion and lifestyle companies increase their sales and reach for more than 45 years. 

access to marketplaces

We own some of the largest online marketplaces in Europe. Sell your products in marketplaces around the world.

Low-cost express shipping

Effortless express shipping service and guaranteed landed costs. Transparent Track and Trace and no surprises or customs hold up.

60% to 80% lower total cost than the Shopify Shipping Program. 

currency conversion & multi-country pricing

Set different local prices for visitors from different countries. Show local prices in local currency.

website translation

 We can make your website multilingual and translate all your content. Communicate with your customers in their own language. 

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