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Cross Border eCommerce and International Shipping

Hermes BorderGuru offers a full-service solution for international online sales and delivery for your existing Shopify shop.

We support the key elements of cross-border e-commerce: from a local checkout experience to doorstep deliveries, including guaranteed landed cost @ checkout and all with detailed track and trace. This allows you to offer international customers a straightforward, cross-border shopping experience without additional conversion costs. We make it easy for you to participate in the growth of international e-commerce and significantly strengthen your global position.

Guaranteed Landed Costs

Our app calculates all taxes and duties that must be paid worldwide. So your customers will never get unexpected bills or deal with customs. They will pay these taxes and duties upfront at checkout making the delivery faster and simpler.

End to End Track and Trace

Making your customers feel safe is important. Our tracking system allows them to know every stage of the shipment until it gets delivered.

Easy Integration 

Hermes BorderGuru's a free plug-and-play app that will have you selling international in less than 10 minutes.

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"Selling international used to be a nightmare; customers complaining about unexpected taxes and duties, packages stuck in customs, returns, etc. Borderguru not only has helped me increase my sales and profits, but they have made the selling process so simple it feels like any domestic sale ".

Kaleigh Lee, CEO of Celine Apparel and shopify store owner

Internationalization Services

Hermes BorderGuru is your one stop shop for going international, providing your global customers a truely local experience, anywhere in the world. 



Show your customers a local price in their local currency. This helps them make a faster purchasing decision.



Breakdown the language barrier and make your customers feel like they were shopping from a local store. 

Market Analysis

Local Pricing

Increase your profits by setting prices according to the market size and acquisition power. Some countries might be open to pay more for your products.


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